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Socks the Catt is a furry writer from the Midwest. His primarily subject of literature is in furrotica, including transformation and fantasy.

While his fursona is a cat with goggles, he often attends furry conventions dressed as a firefighter Dalmatian. He often hosts the "Weird Stuff Found on the Net" video presentation at conventions, usually to a packed house.

Multi-chapter projects[edit]

  • The Maria
  • Bandit and Skids
    • Diamond
    • The Apprentice
  • Snow's Hutch
  • The Darkness War
  • A Catt's Fantasy
  • Mauzer's Diary
  • PCD, a Xanadu story
  • Circe's Funhouse: "Patches"
  • Packmate
  • The Will of the Goddess
  • Wings of Change
  • Schwein
  • Consequences
  • The Lab Experiment
  • K-9 Unit 1
  • Stories of the Pack

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