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SocioSpace is the successor to the original SPR Space that was created and coded by Murphy the MUFMouse. It has been in existence since August 1998, when the first replacement vehicle programs were made publicly available by the current wizard-maintainer, Arian.

Sociospace is located on the Sociopolitical Ramifications MUCK, It is a role-playing environment for furry characters (anthropomorphic animals, animal-men, etc.) with a sci-fi interest. SocioSpace is free-form, you are not limited to certain approved races, classes or character backgrounds, though copyrighted themes are discouraged. You are ENCOURAGED to role-play, as role-playing is the purpose of SocioSpace.

Unlike many other MU*'s with extensive space areas, there are no building quotas on Sociopolitical Ramifications, the host muck for SocioSpace. New players can read the FAQ's, building guides, etc., and soon be building vehicles in the shared universe.

SocioSpace offers many options to enhance your role-playing experience. These systems act as impartial referees, preventing the powergaming that often takes place on mucks with no code to determine outcomes.

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