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Falstaff is a popular flirtatious and silly queer furry character created by artist Jessica Willard-Addams. He is also known as soappuppy (due to the fact that he is, well, a dog, and his innocent habit of dropping soap in the shower over and over again). He differs from many furry characters of his type due to his sense of humour and common usage of puns, rather than being outrightly sexual. Although nearly all of his jokes are steeped in innuendo, he is most often seen joking with other furry characters rather than acting upon his flirtations.

Falstaff is often accompanied by Billie D. Husky, often pictured as a small plushie-like character in the image, who usually offers one or more additional 'puns' to the scene.

Falstaff was featured on Camp Feral's 2004 art t-shirt, as well as one of their official 2002 art prints.

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