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SoCalFurs (full: Southern California Furs), is both a regional furry denomination and the official website catering to furries in the Southern California area of the continental US.


SoCalFurs' old logo
Tamerlaine, SoCalFurs' mascot. Art by Dustmeat.

The initial website was an idea and creation of Southern California furry, Crassus. It came online in 2001, administered by Dark Fox, followed later by a Yahoo! group and mailing list created by Alias Foxx, and a LiveJournal community created and maintained by Space Wolf.

Initially called the Southern California Furry Web Portal. In 2003 name was changed to the simpler SoCalFurs name and with the addition of its present mascot, Tamerlaine, her first graphical representation designed and drawn by female furry artist Dustmeat. Tamerlaine is not to be confused with Dume, a temporary mascot designed by artist Jonas for the Fur-B-Q flyers, who later starred in a webcomic of the same name. Both Tamerlaine and Dume are copyrighted to their respective artists.

Dark Fox remained the site's administrator until 2006, when he handed the reins to Stego S. Aurus for personal reasons. As of Nov 19th 2022, Stego has handed the SoCalFurs assets (Including SoCalFursBBQ) to Silverbeak.


Currently, the site serves as a resource to find upcoming events and provides a gallery showing images from previous events. Submissions of events and information on regularly-occurring events and gathering places are always welcome. also seeks to gather information on furry artists and fursuit makers living within the Southern California area so that the site can provide more information on the creative members of the SoCalFurs community.

A #socalfurry IRC channel is also hosted on Anthrochat, and on FurNet.

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