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Sonny poses during a visit to Monmouth University's Help Desk.

Snowie, also known as Damon Stango and Snow Kitty (born April 28, 1981),[1] is a fursuiter who lives in South Philadelphia, USA.


Snowie is a professional counselor who specializes in LGBTQ issues, particularly the unique needs of the transgender community.

He is as an active member of the local Leather community and co-produces Philadelphia Leather Pride Night. He has volunteered and presented at several regional events including NDDs Boot Camp, The Aviary, The Floating World, Diabolique Ball, and the Leather Leadership Conference.

He is also a founding member of the Philadelphia Leather Alliance. As a result of his involvement, he was recently pinned into Mama's Family as Mama's Snowy Bear.[2]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Snowie has been involved with the furry fandom since 1999. He can also occasionally be found on IRC in various chatrooms on Anthrochat and Furnet and he produces Unleashed!, a bimonthly furry dance party.


Snowie's character is a white lion with blue eyes. He has a pure white coat with shades of black and gray along his head-fur, ear-tips and tail tuft.


An avid fursuiter since 2001, Snowie, owns two fursuits:

Convention attendance[edit]


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