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Snow Fangs (Real Name: Liam St. John-Ayre; born October 24, 1997), is a self-trained furry digital artist who lives in Knysna in the Western Cape Province of South Africa where he has been for most of his life. Having attended Knysna High School; Snow Fangs focuses his studies on Informational Technology, Visual Art and Business Studies.[1] Snow also expresses an interest for My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic and occasionally engages with the Brony community.

File:RefSheet SnowFangs.jpg
Snow-Fangs, as drawn by Snow Fangs


Thanks to Yahoo! Answers, Snow Fangs discovered the furry fandom and furries (or "awesome animal people", as per Fangs),[2] with his drawing style adapting to it. He started to seek other furs under his first furry handle, Smirk Tails, eventually joining his first furry forum, Furry 4 Life, making new friends and acquaintances. After becoming fully involved with the fandom, he changed his handle to Snow Fangs,[3] and opened his own furry community on Google+, ★║FURRIES║★, with a member count of 16,880 furries as of October 07, 2016. Snow Fangs mainly creates furry related artwork and is known mostly by his peers for his clean humorous themed artwork.[4]


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