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Duke Hyena, also known as Snow Wolf (or just Snow) and Duke Foley on Second Life (born December 1962), is a fursuiter from Lake Elmo, Minnesota, USA.

Fandom Involvement[edit]

Snow Wolf has been online in various forums or on BBSes with this name since 1978.


His fursona, "Duke Hyena", was created when he received his hyena fursuit from Arend Studios in 2006.


Duke Hyena owns five fursuits.[1]

3D scanning[edit]

At Elliott's Spring Gathering 2014, Duke and his friends provided a free 3D fursuit-scanning service and then provided VRML 3D file to the owners of the fursuits after the convention.[citation needed]

Convention attendance[edit]

80 conventions as of November 4th, 2023


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