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Snap (or Snap Dragon or Snappy on various MUs, MUDs and MUSHs) is an Eastern Dragon. Snap is a bilateral hermaphrodite and a water elemental. Snap can change between a few forms, including a taur form and an anthro form. Snap usually wears a rather form-fitting space suit made of some sort of black rubber/metal material, possibly nanite-derived.

Snap is the Owner & Official Head-Wiz for Myristica Muck, a MU based in the 1940s though propelled into the future through space technology. Snap also hangs out on Altered Realities, FurryMUCK, Here Lie Monsters, and Sociopolitical Ramifications.

Snap was born into a village of an old Elven race, believed to be tied to the waters somehow. Snap never knew a mother or father, only those that raised Snap since hatching from their egg.

Snap is a big time builder and inventor. Having made a few items from MPI (when available) and giving them to various friends, Snap enjoys bringing fun to all. One of the more notable items is the Idle-Rod, usually being handed out to close friends who don't have a busy schedule.

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