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Sora-kun by Shima.Luan.

Sora-kun is a photographer and writer. She lives in Southern California, but attends college in Indiana and is current abroad in Japan

Sora-kun mainly attends anime conventions in her native state of California. She is rather aloof in the fandom offline.

She lives with her family, her dogs Juliette and Llama, her father's tortoises Chuck, Di, and Wills, and her bird Cornerbird.


Sora-kun represents herself as a Tancho koi marked Thylacine, usually nonmorphic. The name Sora was a nickname given to her in her classes due to her rabid Kingdom Hearts fangirling. Even as she mellowed out as a fan, the name stuck. The "-kun" stemmed from a joke that everyone thought she was male, so she might as well add "-kun" at the end. That too stuck.


Sora-kun's Pokemon fursona (Pokesona) is a Jolteon/Flareon/Zebstrika mix named Outlaw created back in 2003. This Pokesona became fairly well known in the Fancomics circuit on (although back then it was Ampharos and not Zebstrika in the mix) and she enjoyed some popularity in the sprite comic, Mutational Error!.


Sora-kun is mostly a photographer by trade, specializing in reptiles and insects. She prefers nature to people, saying many times that "insects don't complain they look fat."

She also is a writer and a critic. She is the writer of Horrors of the Kink Meme and The Citrus Apocalypse, which are satirical jabs at adult fanfiction prompts and synopsis respectively.

Conventions Attended[edit]

  • Anime Expo
  • Otakon
  • Comic-Con International
  • West PA Furry Weekend

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