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Snack Raccoon, also known as DarkRacoon,[1] DR, or Snack Meerkat, (1987 - October 2011) was a furry writer from Swindon, UK.[2] His fursona was a raccoon.

He hosted the FurPile Radio show with co-host Ollie Pup,[3] his mate.

Snack hosted Super Smash Brothers tournaments at Eurofurence, and performed in a fursuit skit. He also attended local furmeets.


In October 2011, Snack Raccoon was found dead by his partner, Ollie Pup. What was initially thought to be suicide turned out to be an experiment with autoerotic asphyxiation that, on this occasion, went tragically wrong. His death has cast a spotlight on the practice; his partner Ollie Pup has since pleaded with people to think twice about performing such an act, and if they still choose to attempt it, to not do so alone.[4]


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