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SFH's current icon. Its old icon was a bowl of ramen noodles.

Smol Fur Hangout, also known as SFH, is a furry chatroom on Discord. It was originally a Discord group chat, but it later evolved into a server. SFH caters to mostly younger furs, but is open to older furries as well.


The Server was created Tuesday, 5 September 2017. The group chat was created on Saturday, 26 August 2017. The group chat was originally created for members of a forum; however the server is for everybody who had the invite. The logo was designed and created by Foxdog Express.

Administration (February 2021)[edit]

The current administration is sorted into two categories, Not-edibles and Moderators.



Retired Staff[edit]

There are occasional elections for Moderators, however, these occur based on how many members there are. Whenever someone breaks the rules, after several warnings they are assigned the 'Rulebreaker' role and the outcome of their trial is determined by the judges. When someone has the role, they are confined to one channel, the Courtroom, where they can stand trial for whatever rule they have broken.

Inside jokes[edit]

Clickety Clack - This is a role assigned to Snoep/C4 for his clackity keyboard.

Beoep - Beoep is a ship of two members in the server, called Beck and Snoep/C4. This ship is a running gag, and occasionally several members change their nicknames to have Beoep in them.

Hell - SFH is constantly referred to as 'Smol Fur Hell'. It is also called the Tenth Ring of Hell. Whenever someone joins it is common for new members to be greeted by somebody saying, "Welcome to Hell!"

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