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Wingless Smokescale as drawn by Lysozyme
Smokescale Aquatos is an author of short stories, some of which are furotica. Several of his stories center around fetishes such as vore, unbirthing, hermaphrodites, and transformations. He has since begun publishing on Amazon with over 30 different titles, all of which are erotic in nature. He is interested in publishing work of a non-adult nature for a broader audience.

He began writing for the furry community shortly after beginning college in late 2002 and has continued to produce material.

Original characters[edit]

Smokescale has several characters that he has written about.

  • Shayna
  • Sirius Nocturne
  • Jessie Tigress
  • Celene Helmane
  • Saeila
  • Brian Darkstar
  • Darren Evans
  • Elizabeth Amunet

Current Work[edit]

Smokescale prefers to work on his own original series versus writing fanfiction, but has been known to write the latter in very rare instances.

Current story series in progress include:

  • The Treetop Inn
  • Growing Urges
  • Spin the Bottle
  • Not Going Extinct
  • Bump in the Night

Story series available on SoFurry that he has completed include:

  • Fuzzy Navel
  • The Legacy of Siyu
  • Sirius Fun

Story series available on Amazon that have been completed include:

  • Den Mother
  • Dragon Envy
  • Breaking the Rules

What work he has made available freely to the public can be found on his SoFurry account.


As a character, Smokescale Aquatos is a blue water dragon, found generally to be around 5'9" tall, slim build and is the owner of a fictional resort known as the Treetop Inn. Almost every character created by the writer exists here in some fashion as a member of the staff under Mr. Aquatos' employment.

Due to his in-story relationship with the angelic dragon Shayna, his gender is constantly in flux. Originally male, he can be found shifted between various sexes at Shayna's whim. This is a source of much of the goings-on in the stories themselves.

Originally, Smokey possessed a greyish hide (hence the name Smokescale) but as time passed, he became blue reflecting the author's favorite color but the grey remained a mainstay along his chest and belly.

Smokey also originally possessed a membranous crest running along the center of his skull, but after commissioning his good friend, Fenrir Lunaris, the artist presented an interpretation of him with long hair or a mane. Smokey found this to be more appealing and decided to make that the norm.

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