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Smirre, also known as Smirre Kirax on Second Life, (born 1975) is a furry lifestyler and artist who lives in Hässleholm, in the province of Scania, Sweden.[1] He lives in the countryside with his two cats, Gustav and Tussi.

Smirre´s hobby is building models of modern jet fighters, and he has a site called "Furry Air Force" in Swedish with photos of the model jet fighters. He likes games Fighter Pilot, H.A.W.X, Call of Duty and Delta Force.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Smirre felt a deep connection to animals from the age of eleven.[2] Until he was sixteen or seventeen, he felt he was a wolf, but after that identified himself as a fox.

Beside being a furry lifestyler, Smirre is an animal welfare advocate. He is member of the World Wildlife Fund, the Swedish Predator Organization[clarify] and Forbound of Animal Right and Hunt Criticals[clarify].

Smirre was at NordicFuzzCon 2013 in Stockholm, his first furry convention.

2007-2013 Smirre was a member in the Swedish furry community SveaFur - but he had some problems with trolls[clarify], which caused him some mental anguish.[citation needed] Smirre became a member in some furry groups on Facebook instead.

2013 - Smirre becomes member of the new Swedish furry community, Svenska Tassar (Swedish Paws).


Smirre's fursona is an anthropomorphic red fox with name Smirre Kirax. He plays his fursona in Second Life because he feels safe and comfortable there.

Smirre Kirax is a fox warrior in the special force "Fox Power Rangers" of Foxylvania elite soldiers of foxes.[clarify] He is a soldier, a sniper and a fighter pilot. He is a officer in the vulpine forces with a rank of Colonel.


Smirre has been banned from SveaFur several times because of making comments that were perceived by most people as provocative or stupid.

In the early days of SveaFur, one of the founders (Ricadonna), purposefully stated that "we don't exactly want Smirre around".[3]


In spring 2012 Smirre travels to Japan, travelling to Fujimi Inari Taisha, the head shrine of Inari Ōkami, Japanese kami of foxes. Smirre´s religion is a mix of Shinto and New Age. He also profess an affinity for Native American religion. The fox is his totem and has a fox-talisman in a necktie.


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