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His human self with his character Bill the Bear

SmashingRenders is a furry artist who does worksafe 3d models, and currently lives in USA. He is known for making 3D models using Blender, animations and commissions. He used to do 2D art as well until 2015. He has as his fursona a bear with a neckerchief called Bill.


Originally he made 2D art, but he became better known for his 3D models made by Blender, mainly using Nintendo characters like Bowser and Kirby. He became best known in 2015 for making 3D models of Five Nights at Freddy's reinterpreting the characters in a more lighthearted and friendly look.

Smashing has done a 3d models for some furry artists like Duncan Roo and Camo Rovak[1] that Camo plans to use in some animations.[2]



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