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Small World is a pair of furry novels by Gre7g Luterman set in Rick Griffin's Hayven Celestia Universe.

It will be published by Thurston Howl Publications in fall and winter of 2017.

The science fiction story follows Kanti, an anthro-kangaroo alien known as a geroo, and his departure from the generation spaceship The White Flower II to go live on Krakuntec as part of a slave crew.

This story builds on the Hayvena Celestia universe, revisiting characters Captain Ateri, Commander Jakari from Griffin's Ten Thousand Miles Up. It features Commissioner Sarsuk -- an anthro-dragon known as a krakun -- from Skeleton Crew. The novels focus on slavery and the efforts to break free, sometimes blurring the lines between slavery and freedom.

Other major characters include Kanti's mate Tish, the village leader Saquel, and Kanti's friends Sunny, Nemi, Sekara, Pa'uma, and Buito.

Many other races are introduced in these books including the ringel, the sourang, the ulayavi, the geordian, the lio, and the coosa.

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