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Sloth, whose actual name is unknown, is a fairly minor character in the webcomic Jack by David Hopkins.

As of yet, no history pertaining as to who or what Sloth was in life or what his actions (or perhaps more appropriately, inactions) may have been. All that is known is that when he died he came to embody the Sin of Sloth. Sloth has one of the more interesting punishments in Hell; he is the ground of Hell itself, and though this means Sloth never has to actually do anything, he can never rest; as Sloth can hear and feel every footstep on top of him.

Due to the fact he is the ground of Hell, Sloth knows almost everything occurring in Hell. Due to this omnipresence, Sloth oftentimes has information forcibly extracted from him by others. Though Sloth is everywhere he can only be communicated with through a rather dead-looking tree located in the middle of nowhere.

When Sloth was approached by fellow Sin, Kane (Envy) who was looking to form an alliance between the damned, he apparently denied having part in Kane's plan due to laziness.

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