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Slop is a mature webcomic created by Mulefoot. It has an overall storyline revolving around a vepr, a wild boar-like creature, of the same name (full name: Tony-Ray McCullough). Mulefoot is a violent character, often committing rapes and murders throughout the plot. The artwork is sketch-like in nature, and solely in black and white. It updates on Fridays.

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Connections with other comics[edit]

The artist mentions David Hopkins, the artist of the Jack comic, as being his inspiration for creating Slop after he drew three pages for the aforementioned comic, which later disappeared.[1] David Hopkins recently stepped in to return the favor when Mulefoot was unavailable for a short time. His FAQ also clarifies that Slop is not in the "same universe" as Jack or Rework the Dead. Slop was previously featured as a link on Jack's website.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Mulefoot is drawing some of the images for a secret side comic during the "Two For You" Jack story arc. Although the second and third pages were drawn by Midgee, he wrote all five of the secret pages.


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