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The regional group[edit]

Online presence[edit]

SloFurs is a Slovenian regional group of furries. Its roots go back to the late 2000's when an IRC chat was first created with 5 members. Although known under the name Sophisticated at the time, it was later renamed to SloFurs for better discoverability, however the group remained small in numbers.

In 2010 a Furaffinity profile was created to help with identifying Slovenian furries amongst themselves. A list of members was included, as well as links to other relevant socials. Three years later a Facebook group was created as well.

The IRC chat was retired and moved to Discord in 2015, which is still active to this day. As of December 2023, there are over 250 users present in the server.

In-person presence[edit]

The first meets happened in the early 2010's with around 10 attendees on each and two or so fursuits present as well. Attendance grew slowly, but steadily, throughout the years - it doubled to around 20 attendees by 2017 and reaching up to 38 attendees on meets in 2023 (averaging around 30 attendees after 2022).

SloFurs organised the first Slovenian furry convention in 2020, occurring betwen August 7th and August 9th, under the name Betacon to signify the 10th anniversary of the regional group. There were 20 attendees and 7 fursuiters attending. The convention resumed in 2023, under its new name GoldenHorn. Attendance at the convention was much higher than at previous events, reaching also a high amount of international participants - the final head count was 81 attendees and 37 fursuiters.

Roughly 3-5 events are organised each year to bond members of the Slovenian furry community, as well as neighbouring countries, although everyone is invited to participate.

The association/organization[edit]

Društvo SloFurs, also known under its long name as Društvo ljubiteljev antropomorfnih živali SloFurs (Association for fans of anthropomorphic animals SloFurs), is a registered cultural organization based in Nova Gorica, Slovenia. Founded in 2020, it exists to finance and organize the Slovenian furry convention GoldenHorn, as well as countles local meets and walks.


As of December 2023, the organization had 7 members. Membership in the association is not needed to partake or to volunteer at events, which is why the number remains low. Members decide on financial and legal decisions, organise events as well as help shape the future of the regional group.


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