Slippy Toad

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Slippy Toad in Star Fox: Assault.
Slippy Toad
Gender Male
Age 27
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Homeworld Corneria
Skin color Green
Eye color Blue

Slippy Toad is a fictional frog video game character from the Star Fox game series. In the games, he is the Star Fox team mechanic, also flying with them and needing to be saved on a regular basis. He appears in all Star Fox games and helps the player by displaying the enemy's health or telling you what you should do next in Star Fox Adventures.

Star Fox History[edit]

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

In Star Fox 64, his voice was portrayed by Lyssa Browne, who also portrayed the voice of female feline Katt Monroe in the same game. As a result, his voice was high and feminine enough that often people not familiar with the series or its characters mistook him for a girl. It is he who often needs to be rescued from being shot down- failing to do so would render his ability to display shield analysis data unavailable, and thus you would not be able to see the health of the boss you fought in that stage and stages leading until his ship is repaired. In Adventures, he does not fight alongside Fox, but does instead lend aid as a temporary translator (until he concocts a device that Fox is able to use for that purpose) and sends helpful items to the planets surface, most of which would almost always end up in the shop in ThornTailHollow and had to be bought. In Assault, he is back in the sky along with the rest of the Star Fox team and getting into the same trouble he did in Star Fox 64, although now his voice is clearly male, if considered somewhat nerdy. His stats in multiplayer show him to be a considerable opponent on foot.