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Slinking Ferret.

Slinking Ferret (real name Russell Goatley) was a furry who lived in Claremore, Oklahoma, USA, until his death on October 1, 2011 at the age of 20.[1]


Slinking Ferret's fursona was an anthro Black-footed Ferret, who, despite pressure from his peers (mainly cchristian and Jae) continued to wear clothing, specifically nurses' scrubs (though cchristian sometimes got him to wear a doctor's coat). His usual hangouts were #wikifur and #wikifur-social, #LD4all (at, and #Furry_Vore on Furnet (though he didn't partake in the theme).


  1. Tulsa World's obituaries - Tulsa World (October 6, 2011): "Claremore — Russell G. Goatley, 20, McDonald’s assistant manager, died Saturday. Memorial service 3 p.m. Saturday, Seventh-day Adventist Church. Rice."

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