Slash WhiteEye

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Slash WhiteEye

Slash WhiteEye is a character in Extinctioners

Micro's second older brother (by 20 minutes), Slash was considered the group leader because he was able to be calm in the face of crisis and had a very tactical mind for problem solving. Bionic implants gave Slash extendable metal claws used during missions to dig through metal or other substances.

  • Height: 5 ft. 0 in.
  • Weight: 120 pounds
  • Coloration: khaki and white mixed. black tips. dark brown on paws and ear
  • Scars: no distinguishing marks
  • Psybernetics: Extensible claws with the ability to alter molecular
structures. Some feedback ability on fore claws (sensing the type of
material or electro-magnetic fields within the materials), but at a loss of
strength. Hind claws have no feedback capability, but can tear through
harder materials. Cerebral enhancements for memory and data collection. Built-in telemetry. Life support monitoring and control.
  • Hybrid ability: Size alteration
  • Training: Advanced espionage and sabotage. Tactical combat. Covert operations to include assassination.
  • Status: Unknown. Telemetry information inconclusive. Possibly on Alden. Last verified location was training facility 6-C.

Slash is one of four brothers which also includes Micro, Flash and Short, together, they are often referred to as The Tech Mice Brothers

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