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Skyril 'Silverpaws'

Skyril 'Silverpaws' (aka The Dragons and Spyro 'Silverpaws'). He is the fursona of a furry who lives in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, Asia. He enjoys doing many sports as well as learning new ones. He especially loves to travel. He occasionally draws for practice and usually posts them on his Facebook. [1]


Skyril 'Silverpaws' is an anthro dragon. On some occasions he acts feral. He stands 8 feet tall and is a solid muscular (but not too muscular) build. His wing-span from tip to tip is 16 feet. His scale color is blueish-gray with some white from his chin down to his chest and groin then finally down his tail slowly thinning out at the end. He has 2 white pointy horns, one on each side of the back of his head. He also has a layer of white fur that starts a slightly higher position than the base of his tail, all the way down to his tail then it spread out in a pointed-oval shape.

Even though his name states that he has a silver paw, in reality he doesn't. The name was passed on down to him from his father. His father also doesn't have a silver paw and also never mentioned on how he got that name.


Skyril was born in a prosperous city and lived with his father and mother. His father is a dragon and is one of the famous warriors who fought in the battle for his city. He stood in battle along sides with fellow warriors and fought for his city despite the odds and miraculously won. His mother is a wolf who is a well known artist that paints historical moments of the city, common life in the city, and beautiful scenaries. She occasionally paints pictures of her fondest family moments to keep in memory of those happy times.

Several months after Skyril's birth, it was so peaceful since the last battle, the city was prospering and everyone thought that the city was gonna be like this forever. Until that ill-fated night... an invasion began. Every house and building was on fire, cries and screams could be heard from all over the city as thousands and thousands of demon-like soldiers pouring into the city from a demolished city wall. Skyril's father, overwhelm from the current situation, has instructed his wife to take Skyril and hide until he comes back.

After many hours of battles, Skyril's father barged back into his house covered in scars and bleeding from various wounds, his wife rushed up to him crying and asking if he was alright. Without answering her, he took Skyril from her and wrapped him up in a blanket to shield him from the intense heat and told his wife that they need to get Skyril away from here. All of a sudden a wall from their house broke down and a solider stood in its place. Skyril's father charged at the soldier and yelled to his wife to escape from the city. Hesitant to leave her husband, she stood there not knowing weather to choose her husband or Skyril. Then he yelled out again telling her to leave the city now as he tries to hold back the soldiers from getting into the house. She then rushed out the back door, heartbroken that she may never see him again.

Upon reaching the edge of a nearby forest, she sets Skyril against the trunk of a tree and said I need to go back. Just when she turned around, she saw an arrow flying off course from the invasion but was heading towards them. The arrow hits, blood splattered across Skyril's face as he laid there crying. However the blood wasn't from Skyril but his mother who, without a second thought, threw herself in front of the arrow to prevent it from reaching Skyril. She slowly turned back to face Skyril as she lowered herself down while leaning in towards Skyril. She tries to smile through her tear-covered face as she held Skyril close in her arms and softly kissed his head as she whispered the last gentle words he will ever hear from her. "Don't worry... I'll protect you... I love you... Always..."


One of his special abilities he has uncovered from his vague past is his ability to take the form of anything from random stones to different animals. However this ability draws on his energy and therefore he tries not to use it too long. The greater the change in transformation the more energy it takes for him to sustain that form.

Significant attributes[edit]

Skyril has special attributes that makes him more distinguishable in a crowd. Such as:
Skyril's marking
  • Skyril's wings
    • His wings have developed a unique ability to form symbols and images on its membranes. He seems to dislike people seeing him as different from the others so he always ensures that his wings remain in its normal appearance. However reasons to why his wings display such a feature is unknown.
  • Skyril’s necklace
    • He always seems to wear a tribal-like symbol necklace. The symbol seems to resemble a paw with it claws extended, however the "claws" seems to not be attached to the frame but rather just hovering near it.


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