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Skye Cirrus, also known as Jean Paul Fox, Deltic, Pinefoot and AlbinoSergal (real name Skye, born April 1st), is an ex-fursuiter and ex-Furry Raiders' administrator and chief risk officer[1] who lives in Edinburgh, Scotland.


Skye's fursona is a white, southern sergal.


In April 2017, Skye was criticized for a tweet wherein she said:

Skye Cirrus
I shouldn't have to explain myself. What does it matter to you if I hate the Jews, niggers, and [smackheads]?[2]
Skye Cirrus

And additionally, for a drawing she posted of her fursona in a generic military uniform wearing a Nazi brassard.[3] Skye denied having ties to Neo-Nazi organizations and deleted the tweets.


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