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Sky Oxford, also known as Sky Rigdon, is an artist and writer known for his contributions to Tales of the Tai-Pan Universe. He lives with his wife, Judy Oxford, and two cats, Beesh and Scooter.


From time to time he has attempted to adopt either a snow leopard or an otter as his fursona, but has always given it up as unprofitable, often calling himself a "fringer" in the fandom.

Art styles and influences[edit]

Though he enjoys working in watercolors and digital media, Sky's favorite tools are pen and ink, so most of his furry art is produced in black and white with crosshatching, stippling, and other texturing techniques used to provide depth and lighting effects.

At a young age, Sky was impressed by the ink art of Aubrey Beardsley, and began drawing furries in a similar mode; he also enjoys drawing in the Ukiyo-e style.

Among his early furry influences are the two movies The Secret of NIMH and Disney's Robin Hood. Sky also likes the writing of Chuck Melville (the Felicia novels in particular), Blacksad, and Vicky Wyman's Xanadu series.


Some of Sky's other interests include Orientalism, Buddhist art, the occult, and advertising art from the 1900s to the 1940s, but above all Sky loves music and incorporates it into nearly every aspect of his life.

Sky has taken a few art classes but learned most of his skill from years of practice and from other artists (notably, Anthony Waters).

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