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SkyShadow (dragon)

SkyShadow is a furry artist based out of Saskatchewan who began in creating art in 2001.

The fursona[edit]

SkyShadow is a male glaive wyvern, and is the main character in SkyShadow's work. Although he has many other forms/species, his wyvern (dragon) form is found in at least a hundred different pictures (130+), making it his most-used fursona. SkyShadow used to be a "constantly aroused" dragon, always looking for a good time, and didn't seem to care what he was with. This has changed, now that he is actively looking for a mate.


Glaive Wyverns are warm blooded reptiles whose bodies allow them to adapt to almost any climate. They are also known for their lithe bodies and huge wings, but they are also considered to have somewhat poor senses, though their ability to tell color is considered to be outstanding.

These Wyverns are also omnivores, eating both plants and meat, but they prefer meat. Driven by hormones, the Wyvern is able and willing to mate at just about any time for pleasure and entertainment value alone.


The Glaive wyvern lacks IQ due to the fact that they have limited schooling or training. However, this does not mean that they are dumb. They are still quite creative and can adapt to many situations, which gives them the intelligence equivalent to the modern human.

These Wyverns usually travel and hunt in packs. Because of this pack/family mentality, they protect whomever the consider part of the family. Wyverns also tend to be very stubborn and hard to domesticate, making them hard to capture and use for servitude.


Glaives organize themselves into a pack-structured society, each pack a group of Glaives ranging from six to thirty individuals. Work in the pack is separated into fairly simple affairs: hunting, safe-guarding, farcallers, Lanterneers (history keeper), and the leader of the pack.

Usually, at least half the pack is sent to go hunting, but once the sun sets Glaive wyverns have a more relaxed and enjoyable time. They will usually have simple entertainment, such as a fire and dancing, not afraid to show affection towards one another, and not afraid to mate in public or with the same sex. Glaives also freely welcome newcomers to the pack and will usually invite them to the festivities as well.

The artist[edit]

SkyShadow creates his art on Windows XP. He likes to listen to rock, and dance/trance music. His favorite artist is Narse. SkyShadow prefers to draw dragons, dolphins, orcas, lizards, and sharks. He draws many different forms of furotica, including M/M, M/F, F/F, and a couple of M-solo pictures. His most common works are M/M or M/F.

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