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Sky is a female vampire bat character that appeared on the Eurofurence 14 Pawpet Show "Dreamcatchers" in 2008. Her player and voice actor is Eisfuchs with Xan performing her wings.

This puppet was custom made by Xan for the show. She has blue illuminated eyes that flash brightly when she is enraged or very excited, and her blinking eyes add a lot to her expression.

Background story[edit]


Not much is known about her family yet. Her father, Lord Tarrion, was giving her a hard time until he died in a fight over Black Ice, a substance that was used to bind dreamers in the Dream World. Lord Tarrion's death made Sky the new leader of the Northern Tribes in the World of Eternal Shadows.

Friends and foes[edit]

In the Dream World she met Poke and his friends, and over time she fell in love with him. Unfortunately their love was not meant to last very long. During the fight against her father she also made friends with Finlay, a rat who had spent the last twenty years dreaming. Together they set out to destroy the Black Ice.

The past[edit]

Sky's biggest handicap was, that she couldn't fly. When she was little, she caused an accident and was afraid of flying ever since. What kind of accident this was and why she blamed herself for it is still unclear. Sky herself doesn't want to talk about it. With Poke in danger of dying in his dream she overcame her own fear and learned to fly again, alone.