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Chakat-kin skunktaurs are a type of skunktaur created by Bob Reijns within the Chakona Space setting. In this case it is necessary to note that while the Chakat-kin species are all Skunktaurs, not all Skunktaurs are Chakat-kin.


The Chakat-kin share a lot of common traits with their namesake the Chakat; their forepaws are a hybrid of paw and hand, for example. What sets them apart the most strikingly is the fact that even though they are fully functional hermaphrodites, the Chakat-kin are only one gender at a time. They possess a gene such as tropical rainforest frogs do and are able to alter their gender physically. They need to do so, because of their body chemistry.


Chakat-kin skunktaurs were created as a "rival project" to the Chakat; though, due to circumstances, the species was bought up by a trio of businesses that used them as cheap and free labor. Initially they were to accompany the Chakat in their colonizing, following soon after the felines had set up a base to provide a fast, strong and adaptable work crew. The Chakat-kin possess an adaptive phenotype that will allow them to survive in differing climates and locations by subtly altering physical traits; thicker fur in cold, oilier fur in wet areas, et cetera.

During their enslavement, the Chakat-kin developed into three distinct houses, each with a psionic ability; House Bluepaw with telekinesis, House Redpaw with telepathy and House Blackpaw who could mentally project themselves. They currently most live on Chakona, in the Skunktaur Archipelago.

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More information can be found through the sites of Bernard Doove or the Skunktaur;Chakat-Kin creator's website.

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