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Skunki (born May 3rd, 1975) is a fursuiter who lives in Bruchsal, Großherzogtum Baden, Germany.

Skunki's fursona is a skunk. He has offered several explanations for this choice. One is that he felt sympathetic for a skunk discriminated against in a Mickey Mouse comic[1]. Another is that his father used to call him a skunk, and that as a student he rarely showered[2].

Skunki has two fursuits, both skunks[3]. His original Skunki costume was made by Marylen Costume Inc. in Oregon, USA. Skunki's more recent fursuit is named Schreber, and incorporates pieces from several fursuiter builders, including a head by One Fur All Studios, and paws and tail by Atalon Deer.

Skunki has attended several furry conventions, including ConFurence and Eurofurence. At ConFurence 10 (1999), Skunki was filmed for the slightly sensationalist U.K. television program Eurotrash. In 2006, at Eurofurence 12, Skunki was on staff as Head Bartender.


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