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Skunk Mantra at SotonFurs July 2018

Skunk Mantra, also known as Fox Techno, Fox Frakture on Second Life (real name Martin), is a fursuiter, musician and DJ who lives in Guildford, United Kingdom.[1]

Fandom involvement[edit]

Mantra's Fursonas[edit]

Skunk Mantra's fursona is a male anthropomorphic skunk, with blue and red fur. Blue mainly underbelly and arms. Red face up to the snout. Nose. Blue ears, red in bits. Red stripe down back and through the long fluffy tail. Light blue marks on arms, green eyes. [2]

He joined the fandom in the latter part of 2007 with a fox fursona, and blue and red markings identical to Skunk. His first partial was made by the maker DrakonicKnight, the tail [3] and the handpaws and a hat with ears [4] all received in September 2009.

Convention attendance[edit]


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