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Front cover of Skunk, depicting A Dream Cum True.

Skunk is a black and white one-shot comic published by MU Press in 1993, which featured satirical jabs at the fandom (the title itself was short for the anti-furry slur, "skunkfucker").[1]


It was edited by Edd Vick and featured strips by Donna Barr, Roberta Gregory, Chuck Melville (who also helped with production), and Colin Upton, with a cover by artist Tom Verre and back cover by Marc Schirmeister.


The release of the comic drew criticism as it was penned in the same satirical vein as Shawn Keller's Horrifying Look at the Furries.

The Fur Flies To France[edit]

One particular strip that was criticized was Colin Upton's "The Fur Flies To France", concerning the roman à clef misadventures of a boorish American comic artist called "the Goat" - a barely disguised anthropomorphic version of Jim Groat - who acts like an idiot abroad and runs into trouble with French customs.

The strip was based on a true story.[2]


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