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Skippy Squirrel is a character from Animaniacs, voiced by Nathan Ruegger.


Skippy was created as the nephew of Slappy Squirrel, acting as the young children of the audience and how they percieved Slappy's actions. Originally voiced with a high-pitched voice, Skippy's voice eventually deepened over time as Nathan's voice began to break.

Skippy's role was expanded upon as the series began, being billed as part of the Slappy segments in later years (he was originally simply there as a stock character). Over time, his appearance also changed in size and design. His first appearance had him barely 1/4 of Slappy's size and with a pot-belly. Later designs gave him larger feet and a larger head, with his height defined to 1/3 of Slappy's height.


Only a handful of episodes really helped to develop Skippy's character, notably Bumbie's Mom and Critical Condition. The latter demonstrated not only how much he admired his aunt's humour and fame, but also that Skippy could be as destructive as his aunt. The former, however, also showed that Skippy had a sensitive side, and was not used to the idea of deaths in film. Skippy was also the limit of Slappy's patience. Whilst she could deal with Skippy's trauma in Bumbie's Mom, she could be spiteful to a rude theatergoer in the same minute.

Other appearances[edit]

Skippy appears as a character in the ongoing series The Sex Adventures of Slappy Squirrel on Palcomix. Skippy, now adult, works as a film director in California, and is in a relationship with Dot Warner following his divorce from his first wife. He and Dot later move to Canada after making a controversial film attacking climate change activists[1].


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