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skifi, or Vicente M. Patiño (born 1977) is an anthro artist and furry from Madrid, Spain. He started drawing in 2002 and has been a member of deviantART since March 2003, as well as being on VCL and several other galleries. He collaborates with Seel, doing digital colouring of her linework. skifi's hobbies include Neopets, photography, and playing video games. (He has all the Nintendo consoles.)

In early July 2007, he was appointed to the position of Gallery Director for the Anthro gallery on deviantART.


skifi's fursona is a brown anthro bull, with dark brown hair and eyes, light brown muzzle and chest/belly, orange tongue and nipples, a dark spot around his right eye, and grey hooved fingers. He likes to wear a golden earring on his right ear, and to wear the Spanish National Soccer Team outfit. He has a mischievous sidekick named Curr. Curr is a blue slave bunny.

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