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Chris' main fursona, Renard Foxx

Renard Foxx is an anthro artist, author, and furry. He is currently located in Georgia north of Atlanta and is single. His art style is centered around a toony style. Introduced to the furry fandom in 2002, he dove in to it eagerly. Making the step from "anthro artist" to "furry lifestlyer" happened easily as he found himself drawing more, then purchasing a tail, attending his first convention (Furry Weekend Atlanta 2007), and buying his first fursuit (debut at FWA '08 ). For Chris, the definition of a furry lifestyler is "A lifestyler is any person for whom furry extends beyond an simple interest and affects their daily life."



Red Foxx (fully Renard Kaylith Foxx) is Chris's second and longest lasting fursona. While Chris uses Red to symbolize himself, he actually has four different characters that each show a different side to his personality; Red, Taco, Toxic, and Raoul.

Red is often depicted as an innocent acting care-free guy with a twisted outlook on life. Best ties in with Chris' random thoughts and love for glowsticking.

Taco is a flamboyant dingo/husky mix who acts more like an energetic puppy than anything else. Being bi-sexual, Chris can every once in a while burst out with enough rainbow attitude to supply Skittles for a year (especially after watching Will & Grace )

Toxic is a stoner who lives his high-times lifestyle off of his lottery winnings. While he doesn't smoke anymore, Chris firmly believes in the legalization of certain drugs as long as people are responsible with it and loves to just lay back and chill

Raoul is quite simply a smartass. The lovable smartass you want to strangle. Raoul takes on Chris' sometimes uncalled for sense of humor, having a habit of telling jokes before making sure people wouldn't be offended by them and hoping for the best.

Furry in Public[edit]

While some people are quiet about being a furry, Chris says it loud and proud. He will wear his "LOL Furries" shirt (he views it as a joke at furry drama) or FWA '08 shirt around anywhere. He also takes a toolbag to work with him(he works for The Home Depot) which features a "Warning! Petting furry may result in loss of life!" button on the front (which brings laughs from coworkers).

He's not ashamed by it at all since he believes there's nothing to be ashamed about. He enjoys running into those with a negative opinion about it because of media because he loves to tell them the truth about the fandom.

Chris has attended Furry Weekend Atlanta since 2007 and fursuits as Renard Foxx.

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