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Sketch Dalmatian (Angel Manuel Blanco,[1] born October 3, 1982)[2] is a barepawed furry artist[3] from Del Rio, Texas, U.S.A.[1][2] Most of his art is related to foot fetishism.


At Anthrocon 2010, Sketch Dalmatian allowed Rose Misako to sleep on the floor of his hotel room, as she did not have a room of his own. During the night, Rose woke up to see Sketch masturbating and smelling her shoes,[4] which he had taken off of her feet before massaging and tickling them.[5]

Admitting to this in a journal entry on Fur Affinity, Sketch went on to describe a spiritual experience he had afterward when he begged God for forgiveness:

Sketch Dalmatian
God leaned towards me, with tears in his eyes and embraced me with all of his love. I litereally (sic) thought I was going to die from the awesomeness that I felt in that room from God being there next to me, comforting me, and telling me 'It's alright. I forgive you! I forgive you because you are my Son and I love you so very much!' I NEVER felt so much love, I felt like my heart was going to burst![5]
Sketch Dalmatian

The journal entry was later deleted after it came to the attention of members of the   furrydrama_2[6] and   wtf_fa[7] LiveJournal communities.

After returning from AnthroCon, Sketch removed the foot fetish-related art from his gallery, but at least by 2013 returned to posting such material.


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