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Skatelian's main character. Art by Tygurstar

Skatelian (DOB unknown) is a writer.

Skatelian's primary character is James L. Moon, an anthropomorphic husky modeled after his real life personality. He also has several other characters used to roleplay, including a female version of himself called Maya. He role-plays occasionally and is known to be very picky about RP partners.

Although very friendly and open, he retains a small number of close friends within the fandom. Of his known acquaintances, most notable are LeiLani (whom he has constantly referred to as his "inspiration to write" and "Sentimental mentor"), Harrar Swiftfang (his story proofreader), Ratzmaus (his longtime RP partner) and Picklessauce69 (his mate).


Skatelian writes mostly M/F erotica at SoFurry, to an audience of slightly over 1000 watchers. He has published over 40 short stories, and is known for illustrating some with the help of artists such as Devoid Kiss and Crimson Karma. He also commissions artwork for the characters in his stories, even if not illustrating a specific one. He takes commissions on a case by case basis, but most of his work is not commissioned. He also offers writing services for furry poetry, scripts or other kinds of literature.

Private Life[edit]

Few is known of Skatelian's real life persona. He has previously mentioned being from South africa, but his real name remains a mystery. He currently resides on north America.


Golden Typewriter Awards 2014, Bronze Typewriter, Sci-Fi NSFW Category

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