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Size play, in the furry fandom, is a paraphilia which involves an amorous relation or sexual act with a much larger or smaller furry partner(s) (in relation to actual animal size, and not involving age-related disparity).

It is also not to be confused with the macro or micro (extreme, exaggerated scale difference; i.e. giants) paraphilias, sizeshifters, or size queens.


The most common scenario in the fandom is a male, female, or transgendered mice with almost any large species (I.e. cats; in a non-sexual, but size example, Warner Bros.'s characters Tom and Jerry).

One of the best examples of size play art is found in American artist and animator Eric W. Schwartz' folio collection, Furry Problems (and its 2012's remake).[1] Icelandic cartoonist Karno is also a well-known size play furry artist.

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