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Prince Sixam on a throne

Prince Sixam (in full HRM Prince Sixam Alexandre Canoscan, more commonly Sixam or just Six; born April 22)[1] is a furry fan and therian who resides in Austin, Texas, USA.

Fandom involvement[edit]


Sixam Canoscan

Sixam has multiple fursonas:

  • Drake, a celestial, lightning-breathing dragon. Sixam has identified with Drake far back into his childhood.
  • Enix Nagase, a white, king cheetah who can be seen on the computer program Second Life under the username Enix Davi.
  • Sixam Canoscan, a blonde red fox. This is the form Sixam is most commonly seen in.


As of 2017, Sixam is on the Registration staff for Furry Fiesta and Furry Siesta. He is also Lead Staff for the Alamo City Furry Invasion furry convention in San Antonio, overseeing the gaming rooms.


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