Six Pack of Otters

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Six Pack of Otters
Author(s) Beanie
Update schedule twice-weekly
Launch date September, 2004
End Date hiatus/ended (May, 2010)
Genre Various
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Six Pack of Otters is a twice-weekly webcomic created by Beanie. The strip began in September 2004 and is on hiatus/finished as of May 16th 2010.

The title refers to a fighting squad, all of whom are at least half otter, who appear at the scene of crimes in progress, subdue the perpetrators, and flee before the police show up. These activities have mostly been a backdrop as the storyline has focused on drama on various issues unfolding between the characters.

So far, Polo has been the main character of the comic, but Beanie has indicated that there are many stories to tell about the other characters.


Polo Teutopolis[edit]

Polo Teutopolis is a 19-year-old American River Otter, and is one of identical twins. He was born of Greek parents in Essex Falls, New Jersey. His parents divorced when he was young, and he was raised with his brother by his mother. Now a photography major at SUNY New Paltz, and sharing an apartment with his twin in Forest Glen, NY, Polo divides his spare time between working at a cafe, working with the squad, and hitting on women. Polo is the kickboxing fists and feet of the squad, somewhat unrefined as he learned to protect himself and his brother on the streets of New Jersey.

Marco Teutopolis[edit]

Marco Teutopolis is 19, an American River Otter, and Polo's identical twin brother. Though they were raised together by their mother, events occurred when they were younger that set these two quite apart. Marco is shorter and a bit plumper, and he decided not to pursue a college education (though his grades were easily much better.) After Polo moved away to attend college, Marco manipulated his way into moving after him and sharing the apartment with his brother. He now works out of their shared apartment as a freelance computer geek. Marco views the squad as quite illegal, so his place keeps him furthest away - hovering by a police scanner and communicating information to and from the squad via radio.

Tuamao Fujian[edit]

Tuamao Fujian is a 22-year-old who was born and raised in a large family in China, and is half panda and half Asian Small-Clawed Otter. The owner of a small bagel shop which is on the brink of becoming a chain, Tuamao seems like a vapid happy-go-lucky guy, but has made some rather insightful comments to the other characters... Tuamao learned the martial art Kempo when he was younger, and primarily uses his fists in a fight.


Ogawa (last name unknown) is 21 and a Japanese River Otter. He was apparently born in Japan to a wealthy family during the Tokugawa era, and ended up in the present due to presumably some kind of time rift. He met Tuamao by chance in the streets of Japan, and was thusly smuggled back into the United States. He now shares rooms with Tuamao in New York. He is normally very quiet and reserved, and uses Kendo to assist the squad.


Emily is a girl who recently appeared and seems to have made it her life goal to make things difficult for Polo, based solely on the fact that he is a male. She attends SUNY New Paltz with him and they share a chemistry class. She is 18 years old, and appears mainly half Black-Backed Jackal and half African Spotted-necked Otter, though her family has been breeding between species for so long she could easily be called a mutt. Emily is not yet part of the squad and appears destined to be the only female member. She has had some as-yet-unknown experiences that have made her mistrustful of members of the male sex.

Number 6[edit]

The final squad member, who is referred to only out-of-comic as both Number Six and Keahi Kumuikeole, has not been revealed in the comic itself. He does appear in related artwork, but not much is known about this character. So far all that has been revealed is he is a Southern Sea Otter from Hawaii with an extremely large family.

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