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Silver R. Wolfe as depicted by DonCass

Silver R. Wolfe (born on October 7th, 1988)[1] is a furry living in Ferndale, Washington. He joined the fandom in February of 2005, and became an administrator for Fur Affinity in November of 2006.[citation needed]


Silver R. Wolfe (pronounced wolf-eh) is actually a wuffamute, a hybrid cross between an Alaskan Malamute and a Grey Wolf. He originally started as a wolf and has, so far, gone through four different revisions, only becoming a hybrid on the most recent one.

His fur is mostly grey but with white patches on the belly, face, shins, biceps and the underside of his tail. He also has dark grey patches on his thighs, handpaws, ears, the back of his head, and topside of his tail. His eyes are a emerald-like green and his paw pads are all pink. His nose is pink as well. He is likely most noticeable, however for the fiery like red headfur.

He stands in at a meager 4'9" and a hefty (for his size) weight of 200 lbs.[2] He can be spotted in various channels in IRC, including the #fattening on FurNet.


The man behind the wuffamute is native to Washington, more particularly the Whatcom County area where he has lived all his life. He attended Whatcom Community College in Bellingham, WA and is currently employed in the community.

He shares many traits with his fursona, including his hair which he loves dearly. His fursona is actually modeled after himself and when he goes through a physical change, usually that will manifest itself some way on his fursona.

Involvement in the fandom[edit]

Silver got involved in the fandom in February 2005, by joining the   fatfurs community on LiveJournal. Eventually, through his own exploration, came across Fur Affinity when it was still being operated by Jheryn and Arcturus. He lurked until the site went down, when he became more interested in trying to do what he could to be a help to the community. When the Fur Affinity forums came back online, he joined them and began posting and helping the administration keep things peaceful. In July of 2006, he was invited to join the Fur Affinity moderation team. In November of that year, he was promoted to administrator. He took a leave of absence from July 2008 to February 2009. He was forcefully removed from the admin team in March of 2011, before being readded a few days later. Silver was permanently removed from the staff in November of the same year.

Silver regularly contributes artwork to Fur Affinity, and formerly to Deviant Art. He occasionally uses Second Life under the alias Silver Bernstein. He has attended several furmeets in the Seattle and British Columbia furry communities, he was in attendance at Howloween 2008.

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