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WerePuppy has been an artist in the furry community since 2000, when he attended his first furry con, Conifur, and contributed episode one of his anthropomorphic samurai comic "Fur & Fury" to the fledging FurNation Magazine. In addition to that series, he has created with his writing partner, Trejaan, an erotic furry comic book adventure called "Captain Pulsar's Rocketship Rodents", being published and distributed by Rabbit Valley as of 2006.

"WerePuppy" and "Silverthorn" are the furry fandom pseudonyms for professional artist Mark Brill, who is most well known for his Magic: The Gathering card game illustrations. He attends a few cons a year where he generally has a table in the dealer's den and panels in the art shows with which to sell his anthro/fantasy drawings and paintings.

WerePuppy was an artist Guest of Honor at Rocket City FurMeet 2008 and at RainFurrest 2008.

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