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Silverone Wunny is a furry with interests in fursuiting and building, as well as all types of furry art. She is currently[when?] living in Fort Campbell, Kentucky with her husband, Siris Folf, with two of her beloved pets: Cheza a siberian manx, and Seras, a Pyrenean Mountain Dog/Border Collie cross.

She worked as a Sterile Processing technician at a hospital in Roswell, NM for close to 5 years and held an assistant management position in the department. She continues her fursuit work in her spare time, as well as on her drawings, which can be viewed at her deviantART and Fur Affinity pages. Since the 60th anniversary of the Roswell Incident, she has been making fursuits for the official costume contests.

She was heavily involved with the Albuquerque Furry community. She would attend meets there quite often, and did volunteer work with the group AlbuFURque.[citation needed]

In 2011, her husband joined the military and they moved to Ft. Campbell. She is getting involved with the local furry community as well as the Tennessee furs.


Silverone's fursona is a wolf/Arctic hare hybrid. Although most of her features are wolf-like, her ears reflect her rabbit half, as does her love of veggetables, her timid demeanor, and her large rabbit tail. Silverone tends to be rather introverted, jumpy, and quiet around new people. She loves Climbing and Hiking, and causing mischief.

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