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Silverlonewolf is a young fur who also goes by the alias Silver.

Silver competed in multiple art competitions at his High School 01-03, Hillard Darby located in the Hilliard, Ohio district schools. He was especially successful in the contest for "Crossing Diversity Bridges", which earned him not only rewards, but recognition in schools both in Galloway, Hillard and even Columbus. He is considered headstrong and competitive, and uses these traits to his advantage when he can.

Many furs say he's an oddball for a furry. He rather spends his time outside than indoors, even on raining nights, in order to be with friends that are outside the fandom.

Silver's first con was MFF '05 and he looks forward not only to his dream career in arts but to continue making friends as he grows older.

Silver lives in St. Louis, Missouri with his mate or "husband," Spiked Punch who he's been with since mid-2005. On the September 5th, 2006, they signed up to be domestic partners, the closest way to "legal" gay marriage.

Silver's fursona is well-known among furs who talk or know him. The long bangs on his character are distinct compared to most fursona characters, as well as the fur color, baby blue. His character wears an orange baseball cap backwards to bring out the fur color.

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