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Silver Yote, also known as Silver Teh Coyote (Born February 28, 1991), is a male furry writer and artist who lives in Flossmoor, Illinois, USA. His fursona is a brown and tan furred coyote with a turquoise maned mohawk and gray paws. He is a regular to LAFF events ever since March 2013 and usually hangs out with his pal, Nitro Huskie. He also hangs out with Aniro, Tommy Fox, Erik, Kellster, and many others. He is a writer, trains pokemon, is decent at drawing, is a big Rareware and Nintendo fan, and majors in fiction writing at Columbia College Chicago. His first furry convention was Anthrocon 2013 where he roomed with Nitro and Marshmallowe.

Fandom involvement[edit]

Silver discovered the Furry Fandom in 2008 when he searched "Steele and Balto" on Youtube when he was bored one day and saw a skit from Confurence 8 that featured fursuiters as Balto, Steele, and Jenna. He was very disturbed by it and then found out about the fandom. He avoided the fandom for two years. Then, in 2010, while attending Prairie State College in Chicago Heights, he ran into a local furry at "The Table" -a long table in the cafe where all the kids into comics/video games/anime hang out- who had just returned from Midwest FurFest. The first thing the furry said to him was "This is my friend's fursuit!" while showing him a picture of it on his phone. Silver was nervous around this furry at first but over time, not only did he become more and more interested, but more people coming into "The Table" were furries. In June 2012, Silver attended DucKon with his Prairie State friends where he worked as a gopher and ran into Firr and Hoagiebot there. His interest in the fandom started to grow over the summer, and he realized that it might be the only way to meet people that shared his passion for anthropomorphic animals in various media. So on September 13th, 2012, after meeting another furry at Columbia, he told one of his friends from Prairie State that he was "turned into a furry". His friend welcomed him into the fandom, and soon Silver created a Fur Affinity, So Furry, Furry 4 Life, and various furry groups on Facebook.

Silver was the main focus of a short documentary at Columbia College Chicago titled, "Furry Freedom". During the shooting of the documentary, the students shooting the film decided to shoot at the LAFF Downer's Grove Fur Bowl, which was Silver's first time at a large furry event.

His fursuit head is currently being made by akinite. His paws were from Rainbow Lion Creations and his tail is from Pawstar. He hopes to debut his partial at Midwest FurFest 2013.

Fun Facts:

His favorite movie is All Dogs Go To Heaven.

The only character he will use in Super Smash Brothers Brawl is Wolf. Rarely, he may use Lucario.

Along with Nitro, he has hung out with Skrat and has met (and hugged) Duke, Buddy, and Tk Wolf.

The only anime he has ever finished is Juusenshi Gulkeeva, an extremely obscure furry anime from 1995 that was never released outside of Japan and Korea.

Before he attended furcons, he attended ACen and DucKon twice, as well as Windycon, Capricon, Anime ZAP!, Maneki Neko Con, and Kankakee Fantasy Con.

If anything has anthropomorphic animals, he is probably a fan of it. If he isn't, he hasn't heard of it yet.

Before he joined the fandom, he released two reviews in the style of That Guy With The Glasses, covering All Dogs Go To Heaven 2 and Nick & Noel, respectively.

He has an ability that allows him to match a certain media with the year in which it debuted.

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