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Badge of Silver done by White Wolf @ FC07
Badge of babyfur Silver by Marci McAdam @ FC07

Silver Mosico (born June 18th, 1989, in Redding, California) is a furry who lives in Sacramento, California, United States. His fursona is a three tailed black/grey folf, and his fox-half is a kitsune.

Silver is an occasional babyfur, and enjoys anime as well as helping out SacAnime.

Character details[edit]

Silver's character is about the age of 21, stands around six feet tall, and weights about 185lbs with the build of a swimmer. He has silver-colored hair, silver/light-blue eyes, silver tips on his three tails, and a diamond shaped patch of silver on his chest.

Silver has complete control over light, and can shift his physical appearance at will. He loves spending time with friends, from just walking around to watching movies. He also enjoys dancing and spinning poi at clubs, and doing shows for friends.

Silver's babyfur side is about 3.5 years old, loves to wear diapers and loves to cuddle. He bounces around here and there, pouncing all the furs he knows, and always gives a cheerful "Hi!"

Personal details[edit]

Silver goes by the name "Silver" in real life. He is homosexual.

Silver enjoys doodling, and shooting random photos which he uploads to his Fur Affinity page.

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