The Silver Circle

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Cover of The Silver Circle.

The Silver Circle is a novel by Kyell Gold. It was published by FurPlanet in June, 2012.[1]

The Silver Circle is rated NC-17 for sexual situations. Its features cover art by Kamui.[1]


The synopsis of The Silver Circle reads:[1]

The Silver Circle
Valerie is on vacation after a messy divorce leads to a breakdown at work, and despite the warnings of wolves around the upstate New York lake she's visiting, she's determined to relax. Her vacation turns more stressful than her life when she happens upon a man with his throat ripped out, and a young man stumbling away from the scene with an arrow in his side. The young man's handsome features and desperate need overcome her New York City don't-get-involved sense, and she soon finds herself caught between a hunter and his prey.

The hunter insists that the man he's hunting is not just a criminal, but a werewolf. Valerie thinks that's the craziest thing she's ever heard--until she realizes that he might be right.

The Silver Circle


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