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SilverWing the Sheltie, or just SilverWing, also known as Gingerpepp (real name Jolyn Ferguson, born 1985 in Connecticut, USA, died August 10, 2016), was a female furry artist who lived in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Fandom involvement[edit]


SilverWing's fursonas were a female anthropomorphic Shetland sheepdog (SilverWing the Sheltie), but she rarely went by the name of the character, and Marilyn the purple Afghan hound, basically his boy counterpart.


She had suits of Marilyn and Ginger the Sheltie made.


A ISFJ personality registered nurse, she adored her cats, NASCAR and the band Tool, and was deeply obsessed with Farscape, Beast Wars, and CSI.


Silverwing passed away on Wednesday, August 10, 2016 due to complications from pulmonary embolism.[citation needed]

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