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SilverCougar, aka Silv or Coug, is an artist of varied interests. Known as a lycanthrope of the werecougar type, she dislikes being categorized as a furry, considering herself separate from any set community. Despite this, she will draw furry characters for people, especially for the few friends she has within the furre fandom. She currently has a gallery on deviantART, and another on her own webspace, though with no HTML skills she tends to update DA more often than her own.

SilverCougar is also working on a webcomic of sorts called Entwined Destinies, which has a rather confusing and intricate plot that involves a few characters she has been developing since childhood.

SilverCougar is a self proclaimed Rum Pirate with a love for the Captain Morgan and Maui Dark. Rum is her weak spot.

Currently she lives near the Seattle area, the east side of Lake Washington with her boyfriend of seven years. However she is originally from the Adirondacks of upstate New York. She is not known for going to cons, not being a fan of crowds.

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