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SilverBlaze (real name Sterling-Thorne McKay; born September 30th, 1990) is a writer, musician, animator, comic artist and illustrator living in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.[1] He is creator of the furry webcomic Itsy Bitsy Adventures, hosted by The Katbox.[1] SilverBlaze is also a staff member on The Katbox Forums.[2]

Online presence[edit]

Ask blogs[edit]

  • Ask HeartLift: On August 28th, 2012, SilverBlaze began work on Ask HeartLift, his first ask blog. The blog ran for just under 5 months before eventually being rebooted and put on hold.
  • Ask Anno Spirit: Started November 28th, 2012, Ask Anno Spirit was SilverBlaze's secondary ask blog. Surprisingly, it seemed to do much better than Ask HeartLift did. The Ask Anno Spirit blog, while not very active, is still updated on rare occasions.[3]



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