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Released 1997
Format CD
Recorded Europe
Genre Various
Label Furry Music Foundation

Silky Fur was a furry music CD project featuring the musicians Sayh, Chama, Fairlight, and NightCat. It was a very early furry music production, one of the first produced music CDs of Furry Music Foundation, and likely the first printed one as well. There were several errors in the booklet.

Silky Fur was the second CD production by furries, and features music from Sayh, Chama, Fairlight and Nightcat. While it has a few snags in the production, it's quite a charming collection of songs, and your CD rack wouldn't be complete without it.

Linear notes from Chama[edit]

Stripes This tribute to tigers roars out in a restless and aggressive 7/8 beat, in f, f# and g minor. Its orchestral parts are acting as suggestive exposition of the vocals, performed as duo, triplet and full choir. This is a song of action

Wolves "Wolves" is not a song of fact, but rather a work of poetry, in which the soul of the singer blends with the soul of the wolf, creating a brief, but fragile moment of happiness. (Note: this is fiction, since I'm a fox, not a wolf :)

Happy Weasel Orchestral, and using only ten channels, this musical piece is a firework of polyphony and playful key changes. This is a very technically advanced song, reflecting the mind of the happy weasel.

- Notes from FMF CD Section notes

Linear notes from Sayh[edit]

My Dream This is one of the furst tunes I wrote, and it's most likely the best I've ever written as well. The original was a 4 channel amiga module. This is a MIDI remake. About dreams and all the wonderful things they can bring us. Dedicated to FoxfireX.

When The Night Comes Remake of an old MOD file I wrote 6 years ago, sounding noticeably better now. Quite a lot of "beat" and with a brass as a lead instrument. This tune is dedicated to my friend Jumpy.

- Notes from FMF CD Section notes

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