Silken Chains I

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Silken Chains I is the current name of a sim in Second Life. It is formerly known as FurNation Aqua, originally called FurNation Phoenix, and first came online in May 2006 in the FurNation Worlds sim cluster. It was an exact mimic of FurNation Tria. The FurNation Lake was put back in this sim with rental parcels to the eastern shore. The Dive Shack (owned by Jumpda Shark, a water loving mouse) moved from FurNation Alpha to FurNation Aqua where it would fit in better.

There is also the Old Time Radio Theatre in the southwest corner of FurNation Aqua. This theatre is sunken underwater to give the listeners the feel of being in Atlantis as they listen to the radio broadcasts every Saturday Night run by Cobalt Neutra. There, one can often hear comedy sketch teams such as the Three Stooges and Laurel & Hardy, as well as other classic radio broadcasts from the 20's, 30's, and 40's. Just like Club Fur in FurNation Prime, the Radio Theatre has a 20's and 30's-styleneon-lit club design to it.

In the center of Aqua is a water park with slides and a pirate ship moored to it. On the southern border is a Light House which completes the feel of being on a lake.

As of Janaury 2007, the sim was sold to Bahamut Harbinger and his real life wife, Ladivampkitti Akula.

As of May 2007, this sim was sold to Equino Falkland, and became one of the sims of his community.

As of late 2007, this sim was renamed Silken Chains I and removed from Furnation.